Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm baaaack!

It's been a while since my last post. Sorry about that. I've been writing books and one of those books is called Excuse me? I'm Doing What Now? The Office Worker's Guide to Managing A Website for Those Who Just Got Stuck With It.

I'm going to publish the whole book here in annoying, backward chronological Blogger fashion. If you find it useful, there will be a printed and electronic version of the book up on Amazon. It won't take too long. I'll announce it here.

I'd love your feedback on this. I'd particularly like to know where the holes are.

The book is written with the following situation in mind:

You are an admin of some sort in an office. It's a nice office that sells services or widgets or something. Your company doesn't need the Web for all of its business, but it needs to have a Web presence of some sort. Up until recently, the website was run by a freelance "web guy," but that person recently got another job. The management of your company thinks that maybe it's a good time to bring this work in-house. 
They look around for an option and see you - a smart, reliable admin who knows the business and does a good job with most everything he or she does. Your supervisor comes over to you. "Great news! You're in charge of the company website." 
"Excuse me," you say. "I'm doing what now? I don't know anything about websites." 
"We'll buy you a book. We'll send you to a conference. You'll figure it out. If a high-school kid can do it, why can't you? 
You try to keep the bile down and smile. "Of course," you say, more as a prayer than a statement. "How hard can it be?"

The book is written in a humorous, reassuring way that covers the human elements of running a website as much as the technical aspects. It tells you how to make use of others' knowledge in order to fill gaps in your own knowledge. It defines some basic terms that you are likely to run across and even holds your hand through a redesign or replatform of your company's website.

Section 1: What Did You Just Get Yourself Into?

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